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Tips for Selling Your North Carolina Home

By Tabitha Jean Naylor

Housing prices in North Carolina are projected to drop another 1.7% by September of 2013. No doubt you want to optimize the return on your home investment when you sell it. These tips can help you get more money for your North Carolina Home.

Use video as a way to objectively evaluate the exterior and interior of your home. Make sure you include all outdoor areas, front yard, side areas and back yard. After you complete filming all areas sit down and look at the video like a prospective buyer. Note the things you really like, and all the things that need to be improved from weeding the lawn to painting, decluttering, and other repairs.

Focus a lot of effort on curb appeal. Make sure your lawn is in pristine condition. Add bursts of color by planting seasonal flowers or plants. Mulch flowerbeds so they look fresh and keep the lawn properly mowed and edged. If you have fencing make certain it is in good repair and freshly painted.

Consider repainting rooms that are not a neutral color. Neutral colors are favored by buyers.

Get rid of all clutter! Open up as much space in your home as possible. If you can store some furnishings and unload closets do it. The bigger you make your home seem the better it will show.

Always ask for feedback from showings. You can learn a lot and improve the first impression buyers have by following some of the tips you learn from other realtors and prospective buyers.

If you have hardwood floors, expose them and refinish them so they shine. If you can't do it hire someone who can bring the floors back to life. Hardwoods are really popular and many people rule out homes if they don't have hardwood floors.

Make sure all windows are clean. During the day keep drapes open to let in the light. Make sure the lighting is clean and consider using brighter bulbs in fixtures when the house is being shown.

If you have pets, use cleaning products with living enzymes that literally eat away odors. Removing odors permanently is a better solution than trying to mask odors with deodorizers. Make sure the house is well ventilated before a showing. It also helps to bake something so the house is filled with good smells.

If the market is really stale consider staging your home. Staging can help move the property faster and attract the best offers. You have tow weigh the cost against the potential benefits. If your house has been sitting on the market for several months or interest is waning then staging can be a good way to renew interest and spark activity.

If the market is really slow in your area consider offering something special like cash back, paying closing costs, owner financing, paying all of the utility, tax and insurance fees instead of prorating or buying down the mortgage interest rate. These kinds of perks can make your home stand out from other homes on the market.

Make sure your sales price is in line with other homes of similar size and quality. Then use these tips to sell your North Carolina property faster, and at a better price, regardless of the market conditions. Work with your realtor to come up with a plan that fits your neighborhood and your needs as a seller.

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