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Start Your Fitness Journey Off Right at Durham's Rapid Results Fitness

By Courtney Clark

Durham is home to Rapid Results Fitness, also known as Durham Fitness Club, which is a unique gym designed to produce maximum results while also remaining affordable. Focusing on kettlebell training, Rapid Results has been providing a fun and energetic atmosphere for those looking to meet their fitness goals.

Rapid Results is the only "cutting-edge kettlebell training facility" in the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh Triangle area, according to Owner and Head Instructor Betsy Collie. Collie brings twenty years of experience in the fitness profession to the Club; a lifetime dancer, she is now certified as a StrongFirst Senior Instructor. After trying a variety of exercise regimes, Collie concluded that kettlebell training is the most effective: "It's the only tool that delivers strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and core conditioning in a single workout," she explains. "?You can't do that with traditional equipment at a traditional gym."

Collie provides eight reasons why kettlebell training is unique and successful: it burns more fat in less time, it works the core with each exercise, it helps your body work more, and it creates better athletes. Additionally, kettlebells strengthen the lower back (according to Collie, 97 percent of Americans have back pain), improve shoulder strength and flexibility, optimize cardiovascular training, and provide a more efficient workout.

Rapid Results offers a variety of classes for clients. A popular class is the 8 Week Kettlebell Boot Camp, which holds sessions twice a week. Members can increase their stamina, lose body fat, and develop lean muscles with this course. Power Play is another option, which adds barbell training, tire, rope, and sandbag work, and more to produce fast results. Kettlebell Blast combines cardio, strength, and overall conditioning while Happy Hour, according to the website, "focuses on movement patterns that will help you to regain the ability to move like you did when you were a child."

Those who decide to give Rapid Results a try can also rest assured that they are in qualified hands. Instructors are certified and experienced to ensure that each guest is safe and educated. Some of the instructors have even passed the most rigorous kettlebell training course in the world: StrongFirst. Built on the rigorous RKC kettlebell certification, StrongFirst maintains strict guidelines to pass its course, consequently only producing top-notch trainers.

Due to its success, Rapid Results Fitness has earned high ratings since it opened in 2008. With 4 to 5 out of 5 stars across various Internet platforms, it lives up to its name. So for Durham residents looking for a change and dedicated to working hard, this fitness club is a must-try.

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