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Only Burger: Fresh Ingredients and Good Vibes Cooked to Order

By Christian Burney

Only Burger started as a simple food truck in Durham, North Carolina. It opened in a valley of the Great Recession, amid the social media revolution and as the public opinion of food trucks was changing for the better. "During hard times, people look for the comfort foods that remind them of childhood and simpler times," explains Brian Bottger, owner of Only Burger. Bottger considers the hamburger the quintessential American comfort food, and that's why he chose it as the product to base his business on.

Bottger was all too aware of the types of pre-conceived notions people had about food trucks. "Roach coach" was just one nasty name for them. But he also had experience in fine dining, and was determined to push past those pre-conceived notions to introduce a healthy, convenient, and delicious dining experience to his hungry would-be customers.

"We looked for ranchers that raised other breeds of cattle, treated them humanely and didn't feed them corn and antibiotics in giant feed lots," Bottger says as he explains Only Burger's startup process. They discovered an Italian breed of cattle, Piedmontese. Piedmontese is a smaller breed, and is naturally leaner than Angus. It was perfect for Only Burger. Bottger would buy whole cuts fresh, unfrozen, direct from the ranchers, and grind the meat daily to cook to order.

Only Burger quickly gained public appeal, and sure enough, people weren't so weary of this particular "roach coach" any more. Only Burger now has two brick and mortar locations in Durham, in addition to the traditional food truck. Over the years, Bottger and his staff have cooked up a good deal of tasty and original burgers, like their homage to the South, the Fried Green Tomato Burger, which comes with fresh pimento cheese topped with a farm fresh egg.

Only Burger is the perfect place to find fresh, humanely made burgers, and it's only in Durham. "Thanks to all our patrons and supporters," Bottger says. "We couldn't do it without you.

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