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One Gym Is All You Need With ONE Fitness Training

By Pamela Sosnowski

While many gyms are becoming focused on one particular fitness trend such as spinning, Pilates, or CrossFit, ONE Fitness Training of Durham is bucking that trend by offering a variety of classes under one roof that burn calories and build muscle.

"Our motto at ONE Fitness Training is One Gym, One Team, One Goal," says the owner, Leigh Ann Yeager. "Our staff is made of highly credentialed and certified trainers and instructors who are focused on delivering effective, science-based, results-driven workouts to our community. Our focus is to help our participants set and achieve their goals, and to provide challenges to continually push our clients to new fitness milestones."

Whether someone wants to run a marathon, increase energy, or lose weight, the gym's staff is committed to helping members during every step of their fitness progress. Classes offered include circuit training, cycling, boot camp, and open gym, but personal training is also available as one-on-one or part of a privately booked group. "Personal training begins with a quick meeting with a trainer to determine the most efficient path to the client's goal," says Yeager. "All of the trainers at ONE are nationally-certified and experienced."

ONE offers a few other benefits that set it apart from typical gyms. Yeager explains that while workouts at ONE are as heart pumping as those at other strength training/Olympic lifting gyms, they are structured differently. One of their most popular classes, P.I.T. (Primitive Intense Training) keeps participants fit by incorporating equipment they've never used before, such as maces, club bells, and full kegs. The class helps build strength while improving mobility and flexibility. "Even experienced clients find exercises in the P.I.T. that they've never seen," says Yeager.

The ONE Cycle class has also become popular with its members, due to the high energy, fun atmosphere and the serious calories that it burns. Participants will cover 10 miles of cycling in 45 minutes, with all classes coordinated to the beat of the music. Staff choose each song carefully to progress members seamlessly throughout the workout.

Another unique offering is ONE's popular Recover class that helps stretch and soothe muscles and prevent injuries using a foam roller. Recover classes are held on Sundays. "We believe in the benefits of Recover so much, in fact, that we offer it for free for all participants who train with us more than three times per week," says Yeager.

At ONE, all members are welcome no matter what their body shape and fitness goals and staff is accommodating to all levels. Says Yeager, "Because we recruit only top level trainers, you can trust that any class you take, from the P.I.T. to ONE Cycle, will be taught in a way that is always challenging and always safe, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran."

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