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North Durham Crossfit Offers Fitness and Lifestyle Programs

By S. Mathur

CrossFit is popular because, among other things, it really works. Results are visible quickly, and people find that "Their bodies transform and their work capacity increases, they become stronger and their endurance increases," says Amy Hogaboom, Owner of North Durham Crossfit. People learn how to work out using their bodies rather than machines, with fundamental movements that go from warm up through strength training and metabolic conditioning to cool down.

CrossFit workouts are part of a strength and conditioning program that produces lasting results. Hogaboom explains that "CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. The workouts consist of strength training, gymnastics, and aerobic exercises to get your body physically fit for whatever life throws your way. When you work every aspect of your body, your body quickly transforms to a very athletic physique."

The elements of fitness are defined as strength, endurance, stamina, agility, accuracy, speed, coordination, power, balance, and flexibility. With the motto Always Ready, North Durham CrossFit prepares people for whatever physical demands and challenges their bodies face. There are programs suitable for people at all levels of fitness, and all workouts can be scaled accordingly as well.

New members go through the Foundations Course to learn the fundamental movements. Those who are new to CrossFit begin with free 60-minutes, one-on-one session which includes a tour of the facility, information about CrossFit methods and philosophy, and a trial workout.

North Durham CrossFit is different from other CrossFit gyms because it offers more than just physical fitness, says Hogaboom: "We are more of a lifestyle CrossFit facility. Our members come into our gym looking to get fit and stay healthy and are not just doing CrossFit as a sport. They have fitness and strength goals that we help them to achieve."

There is a Workout of the Day every day, and all classes are led by certified coaches. Special programs include the Kids CrossFit Program is for K-8th grades, and the CrossFit Lite program. The Strongman program and Bar Bells Club are for more specialized and advanced fitness training. The gym also offers personal training and coaching for nutrition and fitness accountability.

CrossFit is famous for creating a supportive community, which can be a strong motivating factor in encouraging people to achieve their fitness goals. Despite its formidable reputation in the world of fitness, it is neither intimidating or elitist towards beginners. Members describe North Durham CrossFit as a friendly and unpretentious place with a spacious and well equipped facility. Many members have been coming to the gym for years, and report staying with the program longer than any other fitness routine.

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