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Liven Up Your Home with Unique Interior Designs: An Interview with Rosa Dest of Rosa Dest Interiors

By Rosa Dest

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

My company, Rosa Dest Interiors, provides full service residential interior design, which includes space planning, renovations and remodels, and new construction work. I have provided residential interior design services for fifteen years in the Charlotte area and I have been able to be a part of some truly exciting projects. I love to use color and take pleasure in the small details that bring a complete personality to a space. I take pride in the fact that my designs reflect the lifestyle of my clients. Oftentimes clients fear that their homes will look like what their designer wants and not themselves. I am happy to bring my own expertise to the aesthetic of my clients' liking and elevate it to a beautiful and functional home.

What is one of your favorite things to tell your clients about interior design that they are most interested about?

One interesting point I like to share with clients is the importance of centering a rug in a room. If you can't quite put your finger on what's not working in your space, this is the most likely issue. Centering your rug creates instant balance and sets up the guidelines for your furniture as well.

What are the most common misconceptions people have about interior design?

One of the most incorrect notions about interior designers is that we charge a lot of money and spend all of your money. It is quite the opposite. As a professionally trained interior designer with fifteen years of experience, I have the ability to help you make wise investments while staying within your budget. I do say investments because that is extremely important when selecting materials or furniture and getting the biggest bang for your buck. Understanding the quality of materials is crucial and can make the difference between having long lasting selections or one that lasts you 3-5 years. At that point, you're not only considering purchasing new materials but also the labor for the project and the headache that goes along with it. This is just one example of how we save our clients money and make their lives easier by making selections that compliment their taste and lifestyle.

Can you enumerate the basic steps of the home interior designing process?

The first step in any project is the programming phase where we ask you lots of questions! At this time we sit down together and talk about your existing space, it's limitations and what our goals for the future success of the project will be. This is crucial to guiding the process because it allows me the opportunity to gather all of the information I need to make a cohesive design plan that fits what my client is looking for. It's amazing how quickly you can become disorganized without direction. Then we move on to conceptual planning for the space that gives us an idea of where we are going. This involves exploring your style, color choices, and possible materials. It is a lot of fun to go through this phase of the project because it is exciting to see how my clients react to the selections and I absolutely adore seeing their excitement for the future of their home. This of course leads into creating your firm selections and beginning to place orders in preparation for the next step which is "Installation". This is where construction begins to happen on your home and I am there to represent the best interest of my clients, making sure things are completed to the highest standard. Having cultivated so many wonderful relationships with local contractors, craftsmen, and artisans over the years. I have developed an exciting and unique group of people I work with that bring their creativity and expertise to the project. The installation period can be extremely tricky and oftentimes, lots of unforeseen issues may arise so it is fantastic to have an expert team around you.

What is the biggest advantage homeowners get when working with a professional interior designer?

My answer to question number three definitely applies here. When you use an interior designer, you have an expert selecting not only stylish choices that are represent your taste, but you also have an expert on material selections that fit your lifestyle. This knowledge helps us save you money in the end by selecting the most appropriate material in your budget and making sure that investment and effort is maximized.

What is the most common room that people want to redecorate/redesign?

The most common room clients seek me out to help them with is the kitchen. The kitchen always tend to be the gathering point of the house. It is where you entertain your guests and it's where your children sit to do homework. It is the most used and multifunctional space in your home. Kitchens also get dated very easily, from the style of cabinetry that just doesn't suit today's client or outdated appliances, the kitchen is a highly sought project. Working on a kitchen renovation is one of my favorite types of projects because the results can be absolutely stunning and really benefit the lives of my clients.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

I can be contacted at or by phone at my office 704-362-1397. My website lists all of my contact information, as well as links to my blog and social media network. My website is

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