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Knowing When You're Ready to Purchase a Home: An Interview with Cavalier Mortgage

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a full service Mortgage Lender offering FHA,VA,USDA, and conventional mortgage products. We work with individuals from all credit profiles and incomes, offering guidance to achieve and maintain their mortgage needs. In house credit guidance and underwriting allows us to do more than the normal mortgage company. We have programs for those with the perfect A plus credit as well as programs for those with a few blemishes on their credit and if you can't obtain a mortgage today we are happy to work together to help you understand and obtain what you need to get that loan.

What are the advantages/disadvantages associated with debt consolidation?

The advantages and disadvantages of debt consolidation depends on the borrower and their individual situation. The obvious advantage is that generally it provides a lower monthly payment allowing payment relief and if the interest rates are reduced then so can the overall payback be reduced. In some cases though you can actually pay more for it in the long run once you add up the payback over the whole period, even though the payment is less it is often for a longer period of time and can cost thousands more.

How do I know if I am financially stable enough to buy a home?

A lot of people do not know if they are financially stable enough to buy a home and need a professional financial person to assist them. That is where we come in, we offer financial and credit guidance to all our clients to assist them to get where they need to be to accomplish their homeownership goals. Overall making all your payments on time, keeping your debt reduced and not over extending yourself, credit, credit score, and savings/reserve funds are all very important factors in being ready for homeownership.

I have pretty bad credit; will this affect my ability to find a loan that works for me?

Yes, bad credit can affect the ability to find the mortgage for your needs, but that does not have to stay that way. With proper financial and credit guidance everyone can attain the goal of homeownership or refinancing their current home. Our staff is happy to work with any individual and help them down the path of home success. We can help you set a budget, reduce debt, and acquire the credit profile required to obtain a mortgage.

I can't afford my monthly payments. Is refinancing my mortgage the best option?

Refinancing is not always the best option when you can't afford your payments. It depends on the borrowers whole situation and what has caused the issue with making the payments. Is the situation temporary or long term? Taking a lower payment for a longer period of time can cause you to pay thousands more in interest. You should sit down with a mortgage professional and go over the options. Sometimes selling your home or getting your loan temporarily modified can be the best thing.

What should I consider first upon choosing the right company to assist with my mortgage?

Choosing the right company to assist you with your mortgage is important. Being comfortable and personal with your loan officer is number one. This is the largest transaction of most people's life, working with someone you can be open with can be all the difference. You have to feel free to ask questions and respect the answers you get in return. It may not always be the answer you want to hear but the one you need to hear that makes a huge difference.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The best way to contact us is what works best for the client,
919-844-3630 et 240 office
919-333-4034 cell

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