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5 Tips for a Faster Home Appraisal: An Interview with Keith Hadding of Hadding Realty and Appraisal Services

By Keith Hadding

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

Hadding Realty & Appraisal Svs has been in business since 1999 and offers a wide variety of services to help home owners or home buyers the very best information to aid them in making an informed decision to maximize their value in a Real estate transaction. Buying and selling a home is quite often the largest single investment decision a person has to make that effects them and their family personally. Getting profession assistance is always the best advise I can offer.

What are some of the biggest factors in determining how fast a homeowner will get a copy of the report?

Having a home appraised does not have to be complicated or difficult, however it is imperative that the intent of the appraisal purpose be known. For example if you need An appraisal to obtain a loan on the property, the lender will typically have to approve the appraiser being used, and the report will be developed in the lenders name and for their purpose. However once the appraiser is selected a property inspection will need to be scheduled where the appraiser will inspect all aspects of the home inside and out typically. Again this will be determined by the client and some appraisals are done with just an exterior inspection. A typical home of less than 3000 square foot the inspection will typically require 30 minutes of less time. Once inspected the appraiser will begin the process of determining the value based on the scope or work and will write a report to best communicate the results to the client. At Hadding Realty & Appraisal Svs we have a standard turn time of two days after inspection to deliver the finished report.

Can you give some common examples of unique property features you've seen in NC-area houses?

In today's residential market place typical standard features would include but not be limited to; cultured marble vanities, some wood and or tile floor coverings as well as carpet, baseboard moldings, energy efficient package, appliances to include microwave and dishwasher, painted drywall of more than one color throughout. Better quality features would be solid surface counter tops, crown moldings, coffer and try ceilings, judges wainscot, tile bath wainscot.

What are two ways that a homeowner or occupant can help speed up the home appraisal process?

Home owners can help the appraisal process by having clear ready access to all rooms of the home for inspection, any information about recent updates or improvements made to the property to communicate to appraiser at time of inspection, also offering any information they may have about the potential value or support for why they feel the property is at a certain value. For example if the owner knows that the house around the corner is just like theirs and has recently sold, this would help the appraiser as often same or similar model homes may not be known. Also if the owner has concerns about the process or use of specific comparable's then letting the appraiser know at the time of inspection will allow him or her to address this and expedite any need for further clarification later.

In most cases, how much contact does a home appraiser have with homeowners after the appraisal is complete?

Typically a home owner has very little contact with the appraiser after the inspection process unless the home owner is doing an appraisal for pre market or personal use. Then as they are the intended client the appraiser will typically discuss the results in detail and clarify and details or answer any questions they may have.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

Hadding Realty & Appraisal Svs can be reached by phone, e-mail or by stopping by the office. We offer a free first time consultation and discounts for limited services if needed.

Keith Hadding
Broker/Owner/NC Cert Appraiser
Hadding Realty & Appriasal Svs

P.O. Box 636
7011 Hwy 421
Mamers, NC. 27552

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