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Everything you Need to Know About Having Your Bathtub Refinished: An Interview with Nick of Surface Magic

By Nick Surface Magic

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Surface Magic was formed in 1999. We are a family owned veteran friendly company that specializes in bathtub repair and resurfacing, as well as countertop repair and resurfacing.

Can you briefly explain what bathtub refinishing is?

Bathtub refinishing is the process of repairing and applying a new finish to old stained or worn out bathtubs. The process results in a brand new looking bathtub.

What are the most common reasons why people want or need to get their tub refinished?

Most people have their bathtubs refinished because over time they have lost their sheen or finish. This is usually due to years of harsh abrasive chemicals that were used to clean the bathtub. It leaves a very porous surface that is easy for soap scum and stains to hide in. This in turn continues the downward spiral of having to use more harsh abrasive cleaners that end up leaving an even more porous surface. The only answer then is to replace the bathtub or replace the finish.

What are the main steps in the process?

The main steps to refinishing a bathtub are first making sure the tub is totally clean. Our finish is only as good as what it is bonding to. If we are bonding to soap scum or grim then you wouldn't expect our finish to last very long. Next we make any needed repairs to the bathtub. Chips and deep scratches are repaired. After all repairs are made we use paper and tape to mask off the area around the bathtub, since the new finish is sprayed on we don't want it getting anywhere except the bathtub. When we are ready to spray we use several different chemicals designed to bond to the surface we are refinishing. Last we un-tape and re caulk the bathtub.

Why should people hire a professional to refinish their bathtub instead of doing it themselves?

Hiring a professional to refinish your bathtub is very important. The chemicals you can buy in a big box store for refinishing just don't last long on the bathtub. Within a matter of weeks or months it will begin peeling and then you're right back where you started except that getting your bathtub refinished may cost more due to the company having to remove the rest of the old store bought finish.

Is there something that most people don't know about their bathtubs that they should know?

The most important thing that many people don't know about their bathtub is the proper care it takes to keep it looking new for a long time. Don't use chemicals that are abrasive. If you can rub the cleaner in your fingers and you feel grit then all you are doing is sanding your bathtub. This removes the finish and creates pores that soap scum and stains can hide in.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to contact Surface Magic is either by phone at 704-843-7054 or on our website at

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