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Detecting and Preventing Termites: An Interview with Johnnie Johnson of Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc.

By Johnnie Johnson

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. is a locally and family owned and operated pest solutions company. Eco Advantage is a full service pest control company. We inspect and treat residential and commercial properties for pests. We provide moisture remediation such as the installation of moisture barriers, installation of sump pumps, French drains, and gutter installments. My partner, Arnold Mclaurin and I have a combined experience of 36 years. Arnold is a North & South Carolina licensed home inspector and licensed North Carolina real estate broker, accredited wood destroying insect specialist and a North Carolina licensed general contractor. Johnnie is licensed in North Carolina both in structural and ornamental pest, licensed in public health, a North Carolina wildlife damage control agent, accredited wood destroying insect specialist and a North Carolina licensed general contractor. Our services provide a convenience for realtors and their clients. Pest issues that appear on a home inspection or a termite and pest inspection during a real estate transaction such as the findings of wood destroying insects and moisture concerns can be remedied through our company by treating for the insects or providing remediation for the moisture existence.

Please explain the issue of termite infestation in homes.

The North Carolina pest management Association estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. One of the biggest misconceptions about termites is they are only active in the summer time. This is not true about subterranean termites. They are active year round in North Carolina. They become visible to homeowners during their swarming season which allows for clients to see them flying about and will prompt them to investigate. We provide for annual inspection with our warranty.

What are the first signs of termite infestation?

A lot of times homeowners don't know they have a termite problem until termites swarm. This generally occurs between the 1st of February through the end of May in North Carolina. Some signs that homeowners will pick up on are the mud tunnels that will appear on the outside foundation or in the garage area on the foundation walls, in the garage door jams, also weak baseboards and window sills or paint blistering on the sheet rock. On more occasions than not, we end up finding signs of infestation in the crawlspace in the framing band floor Joist inside foundation walls or on the pillars. These are areas that most homeowners or buyers do not inspect. The crawlspace should, if accessible, be inspected in every home.

What are causes of termite infestation?

Termites love wet wood. The number one condition is moisture in a crawlspace or wet wood around the exterior of the home windows, door jams, kick plates, and siding. Some other conducive conditions are any wood members that are attached to the home and then directly to the ground, wood debris, or cardboard cellulose material stored in a crawlspace, firewood stacked next to a home, and overgrowth of vegetation on the home.

What are the steps to removing termites from homes.

If the home has not been treated for prevention or extermination of the termites, it should be completed. If there is not a warranty on the home which accompanies termite treatments to prevent the infestation, then at minimum an inspection should be completed annually. Other actions include removing all of the conducive conditions such as moisture and earth to wood contact, etc. We advocate the traditional liquid soil treatments and non-repellent termiticides in addition to removing conducive conditions and having routine inspections will resolve the eradication of termites.

What is the best way to contact you and your company?

The best way to contact Eco Advantage: 910-425-6415 / and our website is

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