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The Color Consultation Process: An Interview with Kathy Yusiewicz of Faux Home LLC

By Kathy Yusiewicz

Tell us about your company and its foundation.

Faux Home LLC is a color and design studio that I started after moving to Chapel Hill, NC in 1999. Prior to moving to NC, I spent over 10 years providing color advice and faux finish services in the metropolitan New York area. My design team has provided color consultations, faux finishes, interior design and home staging services to our clients for over 25 years.

I enjoy the creative process and want my clients to enjoy the journey with me. I have always been told I have an eye for color and seeing the nuances in each one. Whether a restful retreat or a colorfully creative space, I strive to incorporate a color and design plan that makes you feel good each and every time you enter your home or office.

Please explain what a color consultation is.

A professional color consultant will meet with you to help you choose a new palette of colors for your home or office. Color consultations are one of our most requested services because color is the most inexpensive way to add impact to your space. We bring larger paint swatches of colors, which makes it easier to tell if a color will work. These services are on a per hour basis and can include a whole house, office building, or just a few rooms. Many of our clients find choosing colors difficult and just need a professional to lead them in the right direction.

What are the steps involved in the color consultation process?

The color consultation process includes using visuals, including large swatches of color, to help choose a palette that complements your furnishings, as well as ensuring that the colors will flow well throughout the entire space. Often we put many colors swatches up on the walls to narrow down the choices that are initially overwhelming.

We believe that the process of picking the right colors for your space should be enjoyable. We make choosing colors informative as well. The way the light changes the color and the hue of each color is assessed to provide the best information on why certain colors work better in your space than others.

Many clients want to help with this process, and other leave choosing the colors to us. Whether you are planning to sell or to stay in your current home also affects the colors chosen. When selling your home, more neutral colors are advised for resale. Faux Home has a proven selection of colors that show off your home to its best advantage when selling.

What are some tips you have in regards to choosing colors for a home?

Choose colors that you love and that make you feel good in your home! Many of our clients choose colors to please others, or to use what is currently in fashion, but do not love the colors they have chosen. Pick colors that speak to you and make you feel a certain way. For example, if you want a calming bath, choose colors that make you feel restful. Bedrooms and bathrooms are great places for a fun pop of color, whereas main areas are typically more neutral but can be brightened up with colorful accents.

The most important thing that a color consultant can do is to steer you in the right direction as far as depth of color and flow. We have seen just about every color on a wall somewhere and can tell from the small swatch whether the colors will be too bright or subdued for the space.

How can accent walls help improve the design of a home?

Accent walls give you an opportunity to focus on a special feature of the home. Fireplace walls are the most common accent walls used, as well as bedroom walls where you might want a bolder color in just a portion of the room. You can tone down the rest of the room, but use a very bold color on one wall. This gives you the best of both worlds.

What is the best way to contact you and your business?

Kathy Yusiewicz: Owner
Faux Home LLC: Color and Design Studio

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