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Boutique Gym Takes a 360-Degree Approach to Fitness

By Pamela Sosnowski

While many gyms may choose to focus on two or three fitness trends, the 360 Approach offers something for every fitness level and interest. The Durham-based studio is preventing exercise burnout and keeping its clients coming back for more since there is always a new class to try. Usually the risk with this type of business model means leaving members to their own devices, but the gym's staff prides itself on getting to know everyone personally and offer full health coaching and support when needed.

"The 360 Approach coaches are some of the most-experienced, certified personal trainers and instructors in the area," owner Chan Little said. "Instructors bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to every session. We have professional coaches offering health coaching, personal and group weight loss support and registered dieticians offering nutrition counseling."

Little opened the workout studio in 2015 after serving in the United States Air Force and working as the Director of Wellness for the Durham YMCA. In addition to managing her facility she also leads classes and trains one-on-one. She developed one of the most popular classes, Chanscamp, an intense 45-minute workout that builds body composition, muscular endurance, and strength. There are four levels of Chanscamp with the higher levels reserved only for those that have graduated from the lover levels.

If Chanscamp isn't your thing, there's strength training, TRX, boot camp, dance, yoga and more. Another custom-made workout, SY50 (also developed and taught by Little) combines 30 minutes of super circuit training with 20 minutes of yoga to help cool down and stretch muscles. Classes are currently held Monday through Friday, and several affordable price packages are available. Membership is contract-free, and community classes are offered throughout the year to introduce potential new members to the gym's concept. Located in downtown Durham, the 360 Approach is located within walking distance of West Village and Five Points.

Because exercise is just one component of a healthy lifestyle, the studio stays true to its name by offering nutrition counseling, health coaching, personal training and perhaps most importantly, mindfulness. Little understands the importance of positive thinking and the mind/body connection when helping clients reach their goals.

"Our coaches realize it's usually not about losing weight/fat, being stronger or being faster, but to be truly successful, change first begins in the mind," she said. "As we coach our clients about diet and engage in intensive workouts that improve strength, endurance and body composition, we also walk through how to lose the mindset that help them arrive at this point."

The numerous success stories on the company's blog attest to that; there's post after post about healthy successful clients that went from couch potato to fitness hero thanks to Little and her innovative gym.

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