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Bobbees Bottling Cooks, Bottles, and Ships Any Recipe for Retail Shelves

By Kelly Church

Do you have a recipe you've perfected? Thanks to Bobbees Bottling, you can package and retail it. The Louisburg, NC company is a bottling service that will take your recipes, everything from sauces to syrups to seasonings, and reproduce them, bottling them in the packaging of your choice. The best part: there's no need to worry about your family recipe getting out. Bobbees Bottling promises they'll keep the recipe between just you and them.

"We are a Manufacturer/Co-Packer for [hundreds] of different customers," Patty Pyritz, Vice President for Bobbees Bottling, says. "We ship primarily to 28 states and seven countries. You will find products that we produce in most of the local and regional stores including Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Moss Foods, Walmart, Lowes Foods, Sam's, Costco [and] BJ's- we buy the ingredients, cook the product, bottle it, label it and ship it to the groceries."

Bobbees Bottling says if you can eat it, they can prep, cook, bottle, label and ship it to wherever it needs to go. If you want to produce your own product, the company will also take pre-made product and simply bottle it.

"We also make product for restaurants and caterers or just those that like to sell to family and friends or down at their local farmers market," Pyritz says.

The company originally started bottling honey, inspiring the name Bobbees Bottling. Pyritz says the bees became directly affected by a mite that wiped out many beehives in the area. That led the company to start bottling other recipes, expanding their services. What started as a company working out of the owner's garage became a big business with an 89,000 square foot facility.

Bobbees Bottling, according to Pyritz who also now owns the business, their biggest customer base is people who want to sell their product in retail stores. They can package recipes in portion-sized containers as small as one ounce and as big as 450 gallons. Springtime in particular is a busy time of year for Bobbees Bottling. In anticipation of summer barbeques, they start bottling a lot of salad dressings, BBQ sauces, dry rubs and more.

To get your recipe bottled at Bobbees Bottling, visit the company website to find out all the details on how to place an order.

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