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Be you at Beyù Caffè

By Kelly Church

Beyù Caffè is a Durham, NC combination restaurant, bar, coffee shop and live jazz club. By offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, specialty coffee and espresso drinks, bottled wines, draft beer, cocktails and live music, this Beyù Caffè is a one-stop-shop for Durham's locals to get their fill of good food and music. Owner Dorian Bolden describes the food as New American, and culture as the key ingredient.

"We try to bring a simple approach to good food, whereby we offer an eclectic twist on fresh food," Bolden says. "We work hard to use local and fresh ingredients as much as possible, in order to stay competitive with our pricing, so that things are not too expensive. But, we support several local companies, ranging from local farms for our eggs, milk and produce, to local breweries for our draft beers, and getting our coffee from a local roaster. Our burgers are also NC grass-fed beef, which people don't realize until they read the menu description."

Beyù Caffè, pronounced be-you, offers a morning atmosphere that is designed to be a meeting place for friends or coworkers, a hearty lunch place and an exciting dinner. Reviewers have called the food "all delicious," "some of the best we have had" and "friendly." Beyù Caffè gets their coffee from Stockton Graham in Raleigh, who helps them create their signature blend called Heart & Soul. The blend gets its name from someone who described their coffee as touching their heart and soul. It's fitting, too, since Kosanovich says that bad coffee is "considered an oxymoron in our book."

They work with a small bakery based out of Durham, called Dynamik Duo, which creates most of the Beyù Caffè's desserts. They do, however, feature some amazing desserts made in house by their culinary staff.

"We truly believe in offering a unique atmosphere, where anyone can come to Beyù Caffè and partake in the things that allow them to 'be you'," says Bolden.

Bolden says Beyù Caffè maintains business at all parts of the day, but gets the most "buzz" during their dinner hours, mostly due to the live music they offer. Beyù Caffè features live music almost every night of the week. On jazz-free nights there are other events that keep patrons excited and entertained.

"We have an amazing crew who truly believes in creating a great guest experience for our patrons," Bolden says. "We work hard at fostering relationships within the community, and it's something we've built over five years. We've also learned to adapt to changing demands from our guests, and that often means changing our menus if guests feel things are getting stale. But, overall we simple work hard to try and execute to provide great food, coffee, live music and delicious cocktails."

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