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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Selling Your Home

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

The first several days a home is on the market for sale are crucial. A homeowner should be careful not to let their emotions make the judgments, but to understand the facts. For a fast sale, a seller should avoid these critical 5 mistakes when selling their home.

Choosing the wrong listing agent

The right agent is critical to selling your home quickly and with few problems. Interview at least three real estate agents. Don't be fooled into believing the agent offering the higher listing price or the fanciest presentation is the best, as neither is mutually exclusive with selling. Remember that agents with the Realtor designation are held to a higher code of ethics by the National Association of Realtors. Weigh all the presentations before making a decision. An on-the-spot choice could prove to be fatal to the sale of your home. Choose wisely to pick the right agent to market and negotiate the home sale and communicate with the buyer's agent.


Properly priced, the initial momentum of being "on the market" should help sell a home. Especially in today's economy, buyers are looking for a fair price. An unreasonably priced home will cause buyers to place an offer on another home instead of your home.

Killing your curb appeal

Roughly three-quarters of buyers make an initial decision if a home is worth buying when driving up. Avoid losing willing buyers by cleaning up your yard, front entryway, sidewalks and walkways, windows and pruning/weeding. Make curb appeal count.

Cluttering your space

Keep the home clean and free of clutter at all times, even if you have children. Pack away personal belongings, such as trophies, family photos or mementos. Patch and touch-up walls where photos were and clean out and organize all closets. Nothing makes a buyer want to purchase a home with too many personalized items and clutter. The want-to-purchase feeling goes away upon home entry.

Being around during buyer showings

It is best if you and you pets are out during buyer walkthroughs. Let the professional real estate agents deal with the showings and negotiating. That's what their commission pays for. As a homeowner, refrain from meeting potential buyers unless it's at the very last stage: the closing table.
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